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The EmoPulse Smile, fake or future?


Is the EmoPulse Smile the ultimate smartwatch?

In the world of smartwatches, new projets tend to emerge every week and launch crowd-funding campaigns. Recently, we came across the EmoPulse Smile. At first we believed it was a kind of futuristic art work but we found this indiegogo page.

smile watch face

Even the video was not able to dissipate our suspicions and for now we have chosen not to present it to you on the showcase part of This watch is supposed to add up all the cutting edge wearable technologies, including 2 large color flexible screens.


What is the EmoPulse Smile said to be capable of?

According to the indiegogo page and the website, the Smile might be able to do even much more than what we thought any smartwatch could do. It is said to include all sorts of sensor to monitor your health and analyse your mood. It would be able to watch for your diet and exercise and advice you on that. In a sense, the Smile would be a kind of personal assistant. This would be the first AI (Artificial Intelligence) watch.

Isn’t the EmoPulse Smile a new generation smart phone?

We believe this device is really close to current smart phones in terms of technology. The video makes it look like a stand alone device (meaning you do not need a smart phone to connect it to) that confirms our intuition. On top of that it is said to include wireless payment technology which we believe will be one of the key features of the next generation smartwatches.

smile visa

We remain very curious about this watch so we will definitely keep you updated on it. (Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter and to Follow us on Twitter). But so far we advise you to be careful and wait for additional information before backing this project.

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